New category development, optimal supplier selection and contract execution

The Challenge

Premier is the leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the United States, serving more than 2,300 hospitals and 64,000 other healthcare sites; holding the broadest contract portfolio in the industry with more than 1,300 contracts for member entities.

As Premier embarked on a new frontier, they required additional procurement and new category development for IT Services. These included hardware and software contracts, across the following core categories: Ambulatory EMR Software, Enterprise Data Storage Solutions, Hardware and Software Asset Management, Data Security Solutions, Interactive Patient Registration Kiosks and Speech-to-Text Technology.

The Approach

Procure4 took full responsibility of new category development. Market research was conducted across all new categories to identify the optimal supplier solutions and market trends. Upon completion of market research Procure4 initiated a full-circle RFX to include supplier evaluation, RFI analysis, pricing and terms negotiation and final supplier award recommendations.

The Results

Procure4 was able to determine the optimal supply solution and deliver new supplier contracts, which are now part of the perpetually growing IT services portfolio of contracts, available competitive pricing and terms to the entire Premier Membership.

During this phase of the project, Procure4 also identified and challenged the current process deployed for new category development. They made suggestions for improvement and adopted new processes for Premier to assist in future procurement projects.