Chris Mullen 

Managing Director 
Chris is one of those unusual people who fell in love with procurement at an early age, and out of choice! As a purchasing graduate with Cardinal Health he received leading edge training and rapid personal development, and is keen to offer the same opportunities at Procure4. 
Drawing on his considerable experience in traditional procurement consultancy, Chris advocates a people and results focused approach. 
Always in pursuit of excellence and progression into new sectors, Chris leads the client solutions, commercial and operational sides of the UK business. Developing the team to reach their full potential, his goal is to create real value for a growing and diverse range of clients, tailoring Procure4’s tools and expertise to suit their individual needs. In July 2019 he was promoted into the role of Managing Director for the UK business. 
Outside of Work: 
Always coming back from injury on the football field, Chris still believes he has a chance of making it as a professional footballer, despite all of the evidence to the contrary! He would be much better off backing his two teenage daughters who play hockey an awful lot better than he plays football! 
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