Mission & Vision

Procure4 has always been about great people.  By giving them the tools, training and inspiration to thrive, the result is a highly motivating environment. Our new Mission Statement of ‘People Powered Procurement’ encapsulates Procure4’s real point of difference, the reason why our clients refer us to others and call us back. Robust procurement tools, systems and processes need to be a given, but it is our great people that engage and inspire clients to create real and lasting value.

Our Mission

Procure4’s Mission in short is to ‘Create real value through people powered procurement’.  We use our full Mission Statement to ensure that our people, clients and suppliers have a simple, clear and consistent understanding of what we do:

“We will understand and map our clients’ ‘As-Is’ procurement challenges, tailoring and delivering ‘To-Be’ solutions to Procure4 Standards, On-Time and In-Full in order to create sustainable, real value.  We will combine our broad experience and leading edge tools with our clients’ own expertise, leveraging our supplier relationships and market insights and creating a powerful One Team approach.”


Our Vision

We refresh our Vision for the business every 3 years as part of our strategic planning cycle. Our current 2019 -2021 Vision is the natural next step in our evolution: to develop our multi-service, multi-sector Procurement and Supply Chain Management offering. The continued success of our model has always been founded on Great Procure4 People and this will continue across our two Geographies. As we deliver our mission via consistency in Our Approach and to Procure4 Standards we will organically realise Our Vision. As such, Our Mission remains untouched. 


Recognised for Creating Real Value

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