Procure4 Charter

At Procure4 we have always said that we believe it is great people who power procurement. The Procure4 Charter takes this and encompasses our core values and beliefs both as a business and individuals to set out what We Believe In.

The Procure4 Charter is the set of beliefs that sits at the heart of Procure4. Our team built this Charter; and each line represents a principle that we all individually believe in.

We believe Procurement is a force for good

We know that procurement has the power to positively influence every aspect of a business - enhancing operational and commercial performance

We deliver bottom-line value at pace

From day one, our client teams drive savings, margin enhancement and process improvements

We are leaders and catalysts for real change

Our team define, drive and lead; bringing about transformational change on every project…often challenging the status quo

We drive Procurement up the agenda

With each project, we leave behind a legacy: of a greater belief and understanding in the power of Procurement

We champion Our People and Our Approach

Our People and their ability to engage others is the heart and soul of our business. This, coupled with our proven Approach to delivering each project, ensures success time and time again

We promote openness, fun and collaboration

This is our culture and how we work. Each day we live these principles within our community, and bring this energy to our projects…which is why our clients love working with us

We don't care if it’s a cliché, we work hard, and we play hard

We put energy into everything we do, from client meetings to data analytics, all the way through to the obligatory game of flip cup on a P4 night out

Ultimately, we do work we enjoy with people we like

This is our founding principle. This guides everything we do from recruitment, to new business development and our day-to-day work with fantastic clients

We are Procure4; and this is what We Believe In.

You will be surprised at how quickly we can create real value for your organisation through People Powered Procurement. Click here to contact us today.