What We Do

We are more than just Procurement Consultants. Procure4 have a highly skilled team of business experts able to bring their knowledge and insight to your organisation; delivering transformational results at pace. Alongside our proven cost base reduction model Procure4 has a suite of tailored services that can be immediately deployed, rapidly adding value to your organisation.

Delivering real value through a range of services

While our core activity is delivering EBITDA to your bottom line through Cost Base Reduction projects, we also have a suite of services able to bring value and insight to your business at pace.

Cost Base Reduction / Inflation Mitigation

At Procure4 we work with our clients to create sustainable value, on-time and in-full. Procure4 is a community of highly experienced and capable Procurement experts able to deliver rapid value beyond simple cost base reduction and mitigation (CBRM). We challenge traditional thinking, tackling complex and challenging supply chain networks and process challenges with insight and expertise to deliver lasting results.


Supply Chain Re-engineering

Procure4 has the knowledge, skills and experience to review your supply chain and identify opportunities to enhance efficiency and service levels whilst optimising cost.  We bring our multi-sector supply chain expertise to provide insights that will deliver real value to your organisation, respecting the unique requirements of your brand.

  • As-Is Situation Analysis
  • To-Be Vision Development
  • Supply Chain Re-engineering
  • Implementation & Launch / Re-launch Planning
  • Internal & External Stakeholder Communications Management

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Sourcing as a Service

We have reliable, established sources for many essential products, materials and services currently in demand. In addition, our freight and logistics experts can navigate complexities of increasing volumes and distribution.

  • Essential materials sourcing & processing
  • Rapid additional volume supply
  • Sourcing and benchmarking of substitute products
  • Managing process for testing substitute products

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Data Analytics

With proven systems, tools, processes, and expert knowledge our team of data analysts can quickly provide robust data cleansing, categorisation, spend analysis, and data transformation.

  • Spend diagnostics and forecasting
  • E-procurement roll-out
  • Market research and benchmarking
  • Data mining
  • Data visualisation

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There’s no such thing as a standard way of doing things for us. We recognise that each and every business we partner with is different, and whilst their procurement challenges may be similar, their culture, people and ways of working are unique. This is why we say we are not your average Procurement Consultants, we tailor what we do so that it fits in seamlessly with the wider pressures our clients face, optimising our chances for combined success.

Chris Mullen, Managing Director

You will be surprised at how quickly we can create real value for your organisation through People Powered Procurement. Click here to contact us today.