#PeoplePoweredProcurement – it’s our mantra, but what do we mean by PPP? 

Great Culture, Great Results 

We believe that amazing work and fantastic outcomes are by-products of a great culture. We also believe that work should be a tool that facilitates personal growth and fulfilment, not just a means of production. So, we take great care and pride in building a culture where work is powered by people, not the other way around. 
At Procure4, we define our culture by our shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. It guides how we work, interact with each other, and make decisions. 

 People and Performance 

“As a business, we work hard to promote a sense of engagement, motivation, and a shared sense of purpose. As a result, we’ve built a strong, positive, and unique culture as recognized by our people, both past and present. It’s they who reaffirm to us, time and again, that Procure4 is a great place to work. In any enterprise, but especially in a procurement consultancy like ours, a positive culture is crucial for success. It helps us attract and retain top talent, boost employee morale and motivation, and ultimately, improve ours and our clients’ bottom lines.” 
Isobel McLauchlin, Head of Human Resources 

 Creating a Positive Culture 

From a business perspective, we foster a positive culture by focusing on the following: 
1) Equality 
Regardless of seniority, gender, age, or experience; we strive to treat everyone with the same level of respect and value everyone’s contribution equally. To build trust and transparency, open communication is key. The leadership team spends time regularly speaking to all our people. We encourage everyone to share their ideas, feedback, and concerns, and we always respond in a timely and respectful manner. 
2) Empowerment 
Our people are expected to take ownership of their work, contribute their ideas, and make decisions in alignment with the company's values and goals. We invest in training and development to help the team feel valued and motivated to grow and improve their skills. We share success and shout about our people when they’ve done an amazing piece of work. We reward our team for working hard and delivering for our clients. 
3) Empathy 
We care about the wellbeing of our team and take this responsibility seriously. When anyone in the team needs support, we pull together as a community to provide whatever is necessary. People need flexibility– time to spend with family, undertake hobbies, and prioritize wellness. We’ve always embraced and supported this; we’re glad more companies are waking up to this reality. 
4) Enjoyment 
We believe that people work best when they are doing rewarding work with likeminded people and enjoy what they do. We provide opportunities to have some fun and enjoy out-of-work activities together. Whether it is celebrating success, running a charity event, or enjoying an end-of-year celebration, we will always find the fun! 
We do not claim that the P4 way is the best, only that it is ours. And we’re not looking to change our ways anytime soon because our culture creates an amazing work environment for our people and delivers great results for our clients. It has been the secret to our success over the past twenty years. 

 Heart and Soul 

“In a world of procurement digital transformation and process improvement, we believe people remain the heart and soul of a procurement function, not just the engine for delivery. Yes, we develop the tools and processes for clients, and our own to aid client delivery, but it’s our team’s expertise that ensures they deliver sustainably. Our talented and spirited people roll their sleeves up, embed themselves in functions and stakeholder teams, and build long standing relationships.” 
Oliver Jones, Client Solutions Director 
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