Procurement: Developing The Business Leaders of the Future

As Chris Mullen takes on the role of Managing Director of Procure4’s UK business, he not only brings his multi-sector experience and passion for procurement, but also his belief in the central role that procurement can play in delivering real step change within organisations.  Chris sees an exciting future for the procurement profession as a whole and for Procure4 people in particular.  Through careful coaching, development and training of procurement people, these are individuals who can really aspire to be the business leaders of the future.

“By entering into a career in procurement you have a fantastic opportunity to develop your leadership skills, which in turn will help you unlock your true career potential.  Whilst there’s no doubt it can be a challenging role, in my experience the greater the challenge, the faster the personal development,” says Chris.


Strong Foundations

Procure4 founders Nigel Scorey & Tony Atkinson have always sought to create a pioneering working environment.  From day one, they tasked themselves to create a business with a real sense of community by making it a fun and flexible place to work.  Now, as we approach the 2020’s, Chris’s vision for the business is to push this philosophy one step further, developing the company into one that can really be considered a leader in how it engages and motivates its people through progressive ways of working and use of new technology.


Harnessing Potential

Chris knows from his own experience that the qualities required to be a strong leader can be built through a career in procurement.  It isn’t necessarily an easy career option, as it’s not uncommon for procurement people to find themselves facing scepticism, resistance or sometimes downright contempt!  But what matters is how you develop the skills to handle these challenges, learn from them and then grow as an individual. Chris’s vision is for Procure4 to be a place where procurement professionals can come to rapidly develop these skills, helping them to become the inspiring business leaders of the future.


The Definition of Leadership: Bringing People With You!

As a procurement professional you will often work as part of cross-functional teams, where you are not the most senior person in the room.  Hence, influencing your colleagues to embrace and then deliver step change to the organisation requires leadership in the truest sense: creating a compelling argument and a case for change, and then bringing people along with you on the journey.  This is not (and never can be) about simply telling people what to do; they come with you because they believe in you and what you’re saying.  

“Procurement as a career (and at Procure4 in particular) is a fantastic environment to rapidly develop leadership skills and, if you can use this to become a true leader of people, then, in my view, this is the key to unlock your full career potential. Whether you stay in procurement or choose to move into other functions, your success will be marked out by your ability to motivate, engage and inspire others,” says Chris.


Creating Real & Sustainable Value

Chris’s passion for the role that procurement can play as an agent for step change runs through the veins of Procure4.  The company’s approach to delivering sustainable cost base reduction and transformational change to its clients enables it to create real value whilst building lasting relationships along the way.  Whilst Procure4 is already an exciting and energising place to work, Chris and his team have set to work to create a set of new ideas and initiatives to evolve the business into a place that is truly set to be a pioneer of the 2020’s.  For Procure4’s clients this means they will have access to a team of people who bring huge energy, enthusiasm and – of course – leadership to their organisations to deliver rapid and sustainable change.

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