Restaurant Outlets Wagamama, Byron and Pizza Hut Reap Benefits of Procure4’s Analysis

Supply management specialists Procure4 has forecast savings achievement of nearly £7M through cost based reduction implementation for restaurant chains Wagamama, Byron and Pizza Hut in 2015. Each chain identified between 15 and 30 categories for procurement analysis by Procure4. Categories varied from food and wine to laundry, hard facilities management and contractors for refurbishment.

A substantial saving for Wagamama will allow funds to be redirected into further restaurant refurbishments and expansion therefore driving further sales and employment. Byron, who is looking to expand substantially beyond the metropolis, is looking at a range of categories from groceries to electrical contractors in order to build a supply chain to support its growth on a nationwide basis. Pizza Hut has benefitted from a rapid mobilisation in hard facilities management with Procure4 leveraging its knowledge of the market to optimise savings; further savings will be achieved through process management.

Chris Mullen, client solutions director, Procure4 said: “The pressure on restaurants to keep their prices in line or risk losing customers has not diminished. As the economy has become more buoyant people are dining out more, but are still cost conscious and don’t want to be hit with rising costs as businesses expand or revamp. We are still in a challenging environment; however there are plenty of solutions to be found in streamlining categories to drive efficiency and savings to allow for expansion.”

Procure4 examined the categories and operations of each business devising and implementing strategies for growth founded on in-depth knowledge of the food services sector. Procure4’s no risk strategy gives clients the safe knowledge that following the scoping stage, if no savings can be made, simply no fee is due. Plus, Procure4’s ‘one team’ approach, seamlessly integrating within the client business, ensures clients are left with sustainable benefits that continue to achieve savings.

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