Academy Programme

At Procure4 we recognise the need to maintain leading edge capability in terms of market insight, supplier influence, category management and supply chain optimisation. We maintain our edge via our Academy Programme, providing our people with the tools they need and the personal development they crave.

Driving our Performance by maintaining leading edge capability

We’ve developed a structured approach to the development of our category capability, managed as part of our Academy Programme. Each Academy is our centre of excellence where we develop our capability in one of the spend areas, led by a highly experienced operator overseeing our toolset and people development in that area.

Each ‘Academy Leader’ is responsible for four workstreams aimed at driving the mid-term performance of our business, specifically:

  • Category Manager Development and Technical Training
  • Strategic Supplier Relationship Management
  • Market Insight Development
  • Supply Chain Optimisation and Financial Performance Improvement


Academy Programme

Our Academy Leaders are highly experienced members of the team with deep knowledge in a wide variety of categories combined with great stakeholder engagement skills.  They’re responsible for driving continuous improvement in the business and for developing market-leading supply solutions for our clients in key spend areas.  I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to support them in our journey to enhance the commercial performance of our clients and Procure4.

Chris Mullen, Managing Director

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