One Team Philosophy

Delivering real value across the supply chain requires effective cross functional working as we challenge specifications, supplier performance and traditional methodology. As such, a One Team approach is critical to take advantage of the combined experience. This allows us to deliver challenging targets On-Time and In-Full.

Overcoming the “Inevitable Challenges” together

We’re often tasked with bringing additional capacity, insight and tools to businesses that already have busy strategic agendas and limited or stretched resources.

In such situations we:

  • assess the culture, capacity and current situation of our clients;
  • tailor Our Approach and our Governance structure to meet their needs;
  • engage and motivate stakeholders working as One Team;
  • utilise our clients’ internal cross functional knowledge of brand and customer needs;
  • add our breadth of experience from similar, relevant programmes;
  • take the day to day burden of the project off their schedules while ensuring they continue to feel ownership for the process and decision making;
  • ensure data is robust and solutions are sustainable;
  • transfer knowledge, tools and training to deliver challenging but sustainable targets.

I’m proud of my people and the impact that they have on our clients. I consistently receive positive feedback from our clients on how our people make long-serving experts in their companies feel comfortable and aligned. How they bring energy and credible insight and how they establish a One-Team approach to overcoming the Inevitable Challenges. But for me the most rewarding thing is when I see that team celebrating success together at the end of the project – they’re a pain at times, but they really are great people!

Nigel Scorey, CEO

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