Rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

It’s intense and we work at pace; tendering, sampling, auctioning, negotiating, agreeing. The result? A re-structured supply chain that is robust, is fit for purpose and respects the quality and service levels you need while reducing cost.

  • Hands-on tendering, negotiating and auctioning
  • Sampling and trialling; assessing fit for purpose supply chain
  • Creation of robust ‘baselines’ and ‘closure packs’; locking-in auditable value


Building on the work undertaken in the Scoping phase, we produce a line-level baseline for each and every category, audited and signed-off by Finance.


  • acts as a marker for the category;
  • manages the expectations of the supply chain we’re engaging;
  • is used to audit the subsequent savings down to the penny

At market

We use a suite of e-Procurement tools to engage the market and analyse opportunities, including e-RFX and various e-Auction capability. But that’s not where the story ends. We know you’ll have some long-standing relationships with suppliers, so we tailor our negotiation strategy to suit. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ or a standard, cold Procurement process. It’s all about engagement, communication and empathy.

Opportunity assessment

Once received, we analyse any opportunities and produce a recommendation. It’s not just based on cost and certainly not reducing a specification. Quite the opposite – we only ever recommend a solution that’s fit for purpose, respects your brand and your customer offer, and balances the need for lower costs without proposition compromise. When all is said and done, it’s your decision.

Recommendation and contract award

We use our suite of Heads of Terms and Contract documentation, combined with your own Terms and Conditions, to create equitable, balanced contracts; neither heavily favouring the supplier, nor cold and punitive. After all, this is the paperwork that embodies a relationship and should work for both parties.


Following a successful supplier contract award, we work with Finance and Operations to create the necessary implementation plans and next steps to make sure that any change happens smoothly. We also create robust ‘End Packs’ which capture the process we’ve gone through, the changes and the subsequent savings, to create an audit trail that’s transparent and auditable.

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